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Herkimer Diamond Solitaire Crystal Necklace

Herkimer Diamond Solitaire Crystal Necklace

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This is a gorgeous necklace with one sparkling Herkimer Diamond.


• All components of the handcrafted necklace other than the crystal are gorgeous sterling silver. 
• The crystal is beautiful and gives diamonds a run for their money
• This sparkly 18-inch cable link chain is thin but strong and beautiful.
• Each necklace is handmade.


Herkimer Diamond
Attunement/Bring into Harmony • Peaceful  • Energy Purifier & Amplifier
• Dreams & Visions
These crystals are one of the most powerful forms of quartz.  They have a unique ability to clear and align your energy.  Balancing your chakras and opening your spiritual awareness, clearing the energy field around you.   Attracting angelic guidance and allowing you to align and vibrate with the purest form of light. 
Peace and Harmony are within me and around me.
I allow peace & the light of angels to flow through me.
I am safe.
I will focus on the positive.
I wake up with a peaceful mind & grateful heart.
I am worthy. 
I attract abundance, great people, and opportunities into my life!
The Lord is my light and salvation. Psalms 27:1
For he will put his angels in charge over you to guard you in all your ways.  Psalm 91:11
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