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Herkimer Diamond Crystal Long Dangle Earrings

Herkimer Diamond Crystal Long Dangle Earrings

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This listing is for a pair of beautiful chain French hook earrings with sparkling Herkimer Diamonds. These earrings are a gorgeous gift for the trendy and boho woman in your life.


• The earrings are made from shiny sterling silver chain and French hooks
• They are dainty and delicate with very thin chain and 2 crystals each
• All components other than the crystals are gorgeous sterling silver.  
• The earrings are handmade and all a little different due to the nature of the crystals
• Each stone is one of a kind, so they will not "match" entirely

Herkimer Diamond
Attunement/Bring into Harmony • Peaceful  • Energy Purifier & Amplifier
• Dreams & Visions
These crystals are one of the most powerful forms of quartz.  They have a unique ability to clear and align your energy.  Balancing your chakras and opening your spiritual awareness, clearing the energy field around you.   Attracting angelic guidance and allowing you to align and vibrate with the purest form of light. 
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