White Turquoise Bracelet w/ Adjustable Ties

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White Turquoise Bracelet w/ Adjustable Ties 

Accessorize with this beautiful white turquoise bracelet!

    • This genuine leather bead bracelet features a chunk of white turquoise accenting the center.

  • This unique bracelet adjusts with leather ties and a wood bead that can be moved to accommodate a variety of wrist sizes.

This natural turquoise bracelet completes any boho chic style outfit! Although your bracelet will resemble the photo, each piece is created by hand, so no two are identical.
  • Adjusts with the bead to the smallest size (approx. 5" up to approx. 9")

“White Turquoise”

White Howlite

Patience • Removes Negativity • Calming

This stone promotes calmness, giving you a soothing energy to alleviate anger and stress. Wearing this stone reminds you to rise above when dealing with ignorant and belligerent people.  Acknowledging your perspective and allowing for others as well, increasing your awareness. 



I will feel simplicity in the chaos. 

I will find harmony in discord.

I find opportunity in the difficult. 

I can.  And.  I will.


In everything he did, he had great success because the Lord was with him.

1 Samuel 18:14



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