Feather it UP! Distressed Vintage Hat One of a Kind!

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One of a Kind Leather Hat with Handmade Feather Hatband

This is SUCH a STATEMENT PIECE!   It is so adorable!  Fun to wear! 

Feather it UP & Count me IN!  This lovely hat is definitely a one of a kind!

This hat is an AMAZING Creation! It is a one of a kind special from our Artisans in Texas.  There is quite a process in "readying" the hat and an art into creating the pieces that are then matched and put on the hat. 

The handmade feather hatband can be removed and show another beautiful distressed leather and vintage tie hatband! So you have two hats in one! 

The hatband can also be worn as a boot wrap if you would like!

A hat snug is included with each hat to insure perfect fit. Each is uniquely one of a kind.

Handmade, hand designed, all in the USA by an artisan in Texas.  


Hat size is medium.  

Thank you for supporting our Artisans and the Jaber Soul Mission by purchasing this hat. 

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