Moonstone & Larimar Crystal Necklace - Delicate and Handmade

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Moonstone Larimar Delicate Handmade Necklace

40cm Chain 


Love • Peace• Serenity

Known as the Atlantis stone or Dolphin Stone.  It is a symbol of the tranquil energies of the sky & sea.

It’s soft blues and white patterns, a reminder of the sunlight dancing beneath Caribbean waters.  This stone is found only in the Dominican Republic.  Used as a worry stone, cooling hot tempers, relieving stress & nurturing emotions.  Connecting to the Divine Feminine, enhancing communication and gives the courage to speak from the heart. 


I bring the tranquility of the ocean to my heart and mind. 

I chose truth and self-expression. 

I will let go of things I cannot change and know that if it is meant to be it will be.


The light shines in darkness and the darkness cannot extinguish this.

John 1:5



Intuition • Sensitivity • Hope

The stone of new beginnings.  A stone of inner growth and strength.  Soothes emotional instability and stress.  Enhances intuition and promotes inspiration.

A protection for travelers. Opens the heart to nurturing qualities as well as acceptance of love. It is an excellent crystal for new love.

Encourages you to look deep in the soul and bring hidden truths to light.

Calming for anxious pets.   



I embrace my feminine energy and power.


 I will tune into my intuition and

 allow it to guide me.  


The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.

Judges 6:12

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