Mixed Metal and Lapis Lazuli Stone Cuff Bracelet

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Adjustable cuff with stainless steel base with brass, copper, and Lapis Lazuli stone.
Made in India

Lapis Lazuli

Serenity & Strength • Meditation • Awaken & Be in Touch w/your Intuition

The perfect stone for clearing emotional baggage.  Brings mental strength and gives the ability to overcome trauma and grief.  Leads with compassion and spiritual love, while promoting self awareness and blocks negative energy. 




I am in tune with my intuition and it is clear and true. 

I am not my problems.  They do not define me.  I will only use the learning moments within them and discard the rest. 

Giving to others and to myself compassion and love. 


He stills the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.  Psalm 107:29

I am not alone.  The Lord is standing with me & gives me strength.  2 Timothy 4:17


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