"Be Curious" Distressed Stetson -One of a Kind Creation!

"Be Curious" Distressed Stetson -One of a Kind Creation!

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This hat is an AMAZING Creation! It is a one of a kind special from our Artisans in Texas.  There is quite a process in "readying" the hat and an art into creating the pieces that are then matched and put on the hat.  

The Mustard, black and rust feathers create a perfect frame for the hand carved stone leaf.

The vintage match box, turquoise piece, and Be Curious add a little "Oh My Heavens" to this unique hat! 

The hatband is distressed leather and a distressed vintage man's tie.

A hat snug is included with each hat for perfect fit. Each is uniquely special and one of a kind.

Thank you for supporting our Artisans and the Jaber Soul Mission by purchasing this hat. 

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